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About Nekter Wines

About Our Wines

The wine world is witnessing the birth of a new wave of fantastic fine wines.  In an industry historically dominated by the tradition of the land-owning families a new generation of wine makers has emerged who are making excellent wines using traditional techniques.


They make wines which are a true reflection of the conditions, the terroir and the fruit.  Their approach can be termed minimal intervention - this basically means they do as little to the wine as they can, whilst ensuring they make the best products.  This makes for wines which have very low levels of sulphur and are often unfined and unfiltered, retaining all of the key components to make excellent wine which is consistently delicious and has the structure to age!   This leads to intensely flavoured wines of surprising depth and subtlety – the very best of the new world.  We like to think of them as having new world flavour with old world complexity.


About Nekter Wines

We are based in Victoria Park in East London, and our aim is to bring you the very best new wave new world wine.  We have specifically hand-picked a small list of fine wines which we know are absolutely outstanding.  You won’t find 243 bottles from Bordeaux - what you will find is really good, really exciting, exquisite wine which is attractively priced.  



The Newsletter will be a key part of what we do at Nekter Wines.  We feel passionately about getting the word out on the New Wave producers, the winemakers who are really are making excellent wine which is making people stop and take notice.

We won't spam you - we'll be sending a couple of pages once a month giving you the latest news about the scene, and we'll also be sharing our product updates as they go live.  We won't contact you for any other reason and we will never share your information with any third parties.


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