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07598 920 922

About Nekter Wines

We import wines from Australia, California and South Africa.  All of the winemakers we work with farm organically and sustainably.  All of the wine we sell is made using minimal intervention techniques - the wines are rarely filtered or fined, use of oak is sparing and targeted, there is minimal effective sulphur added at bottling. 


The wines are delicious, clean and stable -- just the way great wine should be!


We like to limit our portfolio to about 30 winemakers, we feel any more than this, we risk to lose the personalisation and passion which make our wines so unique.  Sometimes, we receive just 48 - 72 bottles of wine for the whole of the UK, so availability is limited and exclusive.  The smallest and most interesting parcels are channelled towards the Nekter24 Subscription service.


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