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Stand Alone

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Stand Alone Wines

Stand Alone is the back to basics, solo project from Xander Grier, son of David Grier, much acclaimed chef and extreme adventurer, who has achieved feats such as running 4000km through India, as well as the Great Wall of China. As though that wasn’t enough to contend with, his father also purchased the Villiera wine estate when he was a young child, and Xander now works as winemaker at the family property, producing around 800,000 bottles of Method Cap Classique every year.

Captivated by the magic of lone, ancient dead trees standing so majestically, so isolated, yet so teeming with life and of such vital importance, his solo project takes the name Stand Alone for them. Like these ancient trees, each wine has its own story to tell of the vineyard itself and the vintage. The beautiful artwork on the labels show one single ancient tree on their farm in Stanford that has now sadly fallen down. It lives on in these wines.

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Stand Alone Gamay Noir 2018
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