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Red Wines

The red wines we've listed all have a common theme.  Rich powerful tastes associated with the New World (you'll find lots of big and bold black fruits with notes of cocoa, espresso and liquorice) - but they will surprise you.  They have secondary notes you won't expect.  We've got some balsamic, some dried herbs and some crushed red pepper. 


This is the vanguard of the new wave of South African wine, and if you like red wine, you've come to the right place.

Restless River - Cabernet Sauvignon

Restless River.png
Restless River.png

Restless River - Cabernet Sauvignon



Restless river wines are different each year – their natural and organic production methods mean no two vintages are alike. 2012 is a real treat, dried herbal fragrance with crème de cassis and black cherries.  Top class red wine.

About the Taste

The enigmatic cab ranges from medium to full-bodied, depending on the growing season. It's aged four to five years before release, so it’s pretty much ready to drink, although being cab, further aging will be rewarded. The bold style expresses ripe, soft tannins and a rich fruit flavour that will develop further layers of complexity over time.  2012 shows a dried herbal fragrance with crème de cassis and black cherries.  This is a complex and delightfully enigmatic wine – and it needs a good hour or so to breathe to really bring it to life.

About the Production

Craig admits to being very hands off in the cellar, and passionate about natural fermentation.

Restless River do things differently, and mostly by hand. Probably more like the way things were done before mass production. It takes a long time to make wine this way, so they can't produce more than a few thousand bottles. But this love and care results in special, somewhat rebellious wines that have their own distinctive personality and character, shaped each year by that particular vintage.

About Restless River

Despite the vineyard name, wine maker Craig Wessels is anything but restless.  Self-taught, his key focus is on developing wines which are completely true to their environment,  His approach has been called unconventional and extreme and he is guided more by sense than by science, but there is method to the air of laissez faire. 

The wines are unique with each year and each vintage different to the others – a product of the environment and the vagaries of the climate. The results are serious, individualistic wines, created to be enjoyed with friends and food, but also to encourage thought and conversation about the wine, how it was made, and the influence from the specific site in which the grape are grown each year.

The farm is in the premium wine growing region of the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley.  Hemel-en-Aarde means Heaven and Earth in Afrikaans, an apt reflection of the climate.  Close to the sea and hemmed in by mountains, the cool air is trapped bringing relief to the fruits and allowing longer seasons with more time for the flavours and complexity to develop in the fruits, sometimes harvested as late as May.

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