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Keep Wines Ciliegiolo 2018

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Keep Wines Ciliegiolo 2018


Keep Wines Ciliegiolo 2018


Ciliegiolo. What fun to say! Chill-edge-eee-ohlo. Named after the Italian for cherry, (gives a hint at what it will taste like!) this is another Calfornian interpretation of an Italian grape variety that is in fact one of the parents of Sangiovese. Traditionally, a minor component of Chianti, this is Keep’s first interpretation from this vineyard - a site that was in fact planted 20 years ago on the Sacramento River Delta. They vinify it by removing all stems and fermenting solely in stainless steel to keep all that wonderful fruit and purity.

Super duper pretty - definitely one to serve from the fridge. Yup, there’s cherries there, both fresh, juiced and just cooked before becoming compote. Violets, fresh roses, lavender and a wild Mediterranean spice. Pleasantly stony as well to keep all that fruit in check!

Winemakers Jack Roberts (Mathiasson Wines Assistant Winemaker) and Johanna Jensen (formerly with Scholium Project and Broc Cellars) create wines influenced by the old world with less ripe fruit, minimal manipulation, total transparency of terroir, and great ageability. In the vigneron tradition they do much of the work themselves from vineyard to bottling. Their mission is extremely close to our heart and we are so happy to be sharing their wines in the UK.

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