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Rock of Wisdom Mataro 2016

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Rock of Wisdom Mataro 2016

Rock of Wisdom Mataro.jpg
Rock of Wisdom Mataro.jpg

Rock of Wisdom Mataro 2016


Barossa Valley, South Australia

Rock of Wisdom’s Mataro 2016 is sourced from several parcels of sustainably farmed vineyards in the Barossa Valley. Fermented naturally, in a luxuriously long, warmer ferment with long pumpovers for the dark fruit characteristics of the Mataro to develop. It was aged for 12 months in old oak and bottled with minimal sulphur, unfined and unfiltered.

"A beast of a wine! - a bit animal, a bit wild" proclaims winemaker Pete. Might not have heard of Mataro??? It's the Australian name for Mouvedre, a dark skinned grape known for making warming, dense wines with intense flavours ranging from blackberries, to more earthy, savoury tones, and eve some sweet spice. This is a prime example of Mouvedre on the darker, intense end of the spectrum - saddle leather, plums, dried fruit with earthy, bracken undertones. It’s not too much of a beast, don’t you worry! A champion wine to pair with a wintery slow cooked casserole.

Husband and wife team Pete and Sofi Hiscock are here to show the world the softer, brighter side of the Barossa. Pete brings the rock, Sofi brings the Wisdom, and together they produce wines in the heart of the Barossa. Established in 2014, like other forward thinkers, like Dave Geyer, they focus on early picking for freshness, gentle extraction and sparing oak, to portray the fruit in its purest form. Putting drinkability at the forefront, these wines are for drinking with friends, with or without food, and for 100% pleasure. As they say on their website, “Wise people say that all wines should be tasted. Wiser people say that some wines should be sipped. Wisdom says for others, drink the whole bottle. We are that bottle." Embrace the Rock and Wisdom!

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