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From Sunday Palloncino Glera Sparkling 2018

Orange, Rose and Sparkling Wines

From Sunday Palloncino Glera Sparkling 2018

Pallincino no br.png
Pallincino no br.png

From Sunday Palloncino Glera Sparkling 2018


Murray Darling, New South Wales

Australia’s answer to Prosecco! But don’t call it that, otherwise the Italians will get upset. So Palloncino it is instead - the Italian for the sound of the pop of a balloon.

This is just the same grape as Prosecco, 100% Glera, from an organically farmed vineyard in Murray Darling, New South Wales. Gently pressed, the free run juice fermented in stainless steel. This isn’t a charmat method fizz - they instead use a state of the art carbonation machine on bottling, injecting CO2 in to each bottle. Sealed under a crown cap, this is a real winner - plenty of ripe stone fruits, pear puree and bubbles to dive into. 15g/l dosage, and just 9% alcohol.

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