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From Sundays Carbonic Pinot Gris 2017

Orange, Rose and Sparkling Wines

From Sundays Carbonic Pinot Gris 2017

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From Sundays Carbonic Pinot Gris 2017


Orange, New South Wales

A brilliant “Orange” wine from, er, Orange in New South Wales.  The Carbonic Maceration (dumping grapes in a big tank, sealing it and starving it of oxygen means that each berry becomes its own fermentation vessel) gives this normally white wine extra tannic structure, but the process is a bit like gently simmering a brilliant broth, for two weeks, and the resulting wine is delicious, rich and very approachable. The beautiful bronzey hue comes from the skin contact during the carbonic maceration. Pinot Gris may commonly be a white wine, but the skins are in fact a lovely soft mauvey pink.

Wonderful aromatics with dried apricot and russet apple, seared orange peel, blackcurrants and a mouthcoating waxy feel. There's an interesting grip and hint of tannin to it (again, from the magic skin contact.) Would pair wonderfully with asian dressings and umami flavours.

From Sundays brings a winemaker (James), a viticulturist (Sam) and a branding guru (Dave) together to make some truly epic Aussie wine.  The combination of top rate minimal intervention wine making, the best fruit in South Australia from organically farmed sites and killer packaging combines into some of the most exciting wine to come out of Australia today.  And it’s not exactly a static market!

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