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Jancis Robinson MW recommended Californian picks

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Jancis Robinson MW recommended Californian picks

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jancis picks.png

Jancis Robinson MW recommended Californian picks

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Three red as featured by Jancis Robinson MW in her piece on California’s new wave as published on her website and in the FT.

The days when California meant Napa Cabernet and rich Chardonnay are long gone, even on export markets. I attended two major California tastings in London recently and only afterwards realised I hadn't tasted a single Napa Cabernet, for long the emblematic flagship of California wine, sailing confidently above a seabed littered with cheap supermarket bottlings that certainly don't express any of the state's varied terroirs.

Donkey & Goat The Bear 2016 - Attractive, well-balanced blend with real life and vivacity. A certain stoniness. Good stuff! Transparent . 16.5.

Ferdinand Tempranillo 2014 - Mid crimson. Highly and prettily perfumed with red fruit and a hint of flowers. Much firmer and denser than I expected on the palate, gently grainy tannins, full of red fruit, rich and lively at the same time. Lovely for current drinking but no rush. 17.

Calder Wine Co Charbono 2015 - Dark crimson. Amazing colour for such a light-bodied wine and you can indeed see the alpine connection. Pretty rigid but true to its origins, and really interesting. Not sweetened up in any way. I suspect this is the same fruit that Heitz used to vinify – and the vines are presumably pretty old. Good stuff. 12%

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