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Wine Hooligans Sea Monster Eclectic White 2016

White Wines

Wine Hooligans Sea Monster Eclectic White 2016


Wine Hooligans Sea Monster Eclectic White 2016


Sea Monster rose from the briny depths of seafood obsession – as surfers and a Navy veteran respectively, Christian Tietje and Adam LaZarre needed acid-driven, racy white wines to wash down the ocean’s bounty. When you’re a winemaker with an uncontrollable need for a wine, you make it.

It takes a seafood obsessive to know one, and the ocean, and seafood, has long been both the anchor and compass in Tietje and LaZarre’s lives

 Sea Monster Eclectic White brings together Riesling, Viognier, Grenache Blanc, and Chardonnay from in and around the Star Lane Vineyard in Happy Canyon. It doesn’t mimic any pre-existing style. Instead, it’s perfectly built to wash down seared scallops and anything octopus.

A fresh wine with a healthy dose of minerality that really does bring the ocean to the mind and the palate.  Driven acidity , but an abundance of exotic aromatics; bashed lemongrass, honeydew melon, tangerine and semi-dried apricot. Multi-layered, generous, but still exceptionally balanced with a salty, lemon tang edge. A really fascinating white.

About the Producer

Wine Hooligans’ goal is straightforward – to create and reinvent artisan wine brands with identity, purpose, and authenticity; and put them in the hands of wine lovers everywhere. 

Today, Wine Hooligans comprises five wine brands, four winemakers, and one Head Hooligan, Dennis Carroll. Each brand is unique from the next, yet each wine is made by an individual winemaker whose personality and experience is reflected in every bottle.

These are wines that are deeply connected to a specific California wine region - from Sonoma to the Central Coast. These are accessibly priced wines that over deliver in quality and story.

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