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Ferdinand Wines Albarino 2017 (375ml cans)

White Wines

Ferdinand Wines Albarino 2017 (375ml cans)

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Individual can.png

Ferdinand Wines Albarino 2017 (375ml cans)

from 13.00

Borden Ranch, Lodi

Wine, in a can?! As featured on Sunday Brunch March 2019 and in Decanter July 2019 - ranking second in an article “How Good is Canned Wine?”

Yup, absolutely. And very good wine as well, from Evan Frazier of Ferdinand Wines. This is just the same wine as in a bottle, but bottled sooner so less time in barrel and on lees. Perfect for picnics, glass free events or for a cheeky glass on your home commute.

A can may be unorthodox to you, but it has all sorts of benefits, most importantly for us, a significantly smaller carbon footprint. They’re also airtight, light and easy peasy to recycle.

Attractively fragrant; a savoury and floral wine with orange peel and lime zest, lemongrass, quince and grapefruit aromas and flavors. Lees ageing in neutral oak gives the wine finesse, sophistication, and a hint of nuttiness - a pleasing complement to the variety's balance of natural acidity, slight bitterness, and salty finish. Puts many a Spanish Albarino to shame!

Chalky limestone notes meet orange blossoms and salty lemon zest on the nose. This is sharp and electric on the palate, with a mouthwatering effect dominated by unripe stone fruits and freshly cut green apple. This wine is made for seafood, so do not hesitate to enjoy it with halibut and a lemon-caper piccata sauce. Under his own brand, Ferdinand, Frazier also makes this compelling Albariño that delivers a great ship both on can or bottle. DECANTER JULY 2019, How Good is Canned Wine?

About the Producer

“I practice simple, traditional winemaking.  The wines are not inoculated, acidified, nutrified, watered back, and where possible bottled without filtration.  I measure my success as a winemaker by wines that are delicious, enjoyable at table, and affordable to drink. The project remains modest but continues to grow.  In the coming years I hope to make more wines as I continue to learn but seek to do so organically and independently. I produce only as much as I can make with my own hands.” Evan Frazier

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