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Donkey & Goat Lily's Pet Nat 2017

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Donkey & Goat Lily's Pet Nat 2017


Donkey & Goat Lily's Pet Nat 2017



World famous Chardonnay Pet Nat. So called “Zero zero”. Nothing added, nothing taken out. Absolutely delicious and an iconic must for any aficionado of Pet Nat. Think spicy, earthy citrus fruits. Zinging acid, but still a plentiful lushness on the palate that envelopes the palate with an extraordinary silkiness.

Donkey & Goat were part of the original new wave natural wine scene at the turn of the millennium.  From their home base in downtown Berkeley they passionately advocate for minimal intervention winemaking, devoted to producing wine that meets their own environmental objectives. Since having their first child, they have abandoned all plastic at home, and this is as close to a plastic free winery as one can get. All ferments, however small, take place in wooden vats, and wines stay sur lie in old barrels until bottling. They pick early, basing their selection on acid and flavour, and all wines ferment spontaneously. Looking for lower alcohol, they work with several vineyards in cooler areas, although they very much so see alcohol as a by-product to using natural yeasts and working naturally. Wines are rarely filtered, and if so, they are labelled accordingly. Hand harvested grapes, SO2 (at bottling).  If only everything were so simple!

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