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Benevolent Neglect Riesling 2017

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Benevolent Neglect Riesling 2017

Benevolent Neglect Riesling.jpg
Benevolent Neglect Riesling.jpg

Benevolent Neglect Riesling 2017


Mendocino County, California

From Benevolent Neglect boys, Matt and Ben, their 2017 Riesling is sourced from a 44 year old site up near Ukiah, nearly 200m above sea level. Hand picked and fermented in stainless steel. They chose to retain some of the sugar in the wine (14g/l R.S), but it’s exceptionally well balanced by high acidity (pH of 3.1)

Well judged residual sugar and immense fresh acidity to match in this stunning Mendocino Riesling. The little bit of sweetness adds a delightful richness and more body to the wine, matching the luscious floral, honeysuckle, key lime and apricot puree aromas. A worthy match to green thai curry or som tam salad.

Press: Textured and fruity with nice weight: there’s some sweet pear and apple fruit, with a slight stoniness. Such lovely complexity here, with some rounded fruit. 91/100  . Dr Jamie Goode, The Wine Anorak.

Benevolent Neglect was established by two friends from the east coast, Ben Brenner and Matt Nagy. They had both formally worked at well respected wineries, with Ben working at Rutherford Wine Co, whilst Matt was producing some of California's most highly scored and finest wines at Maybach cellars. In his time at Maybach, he produced an astounding 11 100-point wines, price point starting at $400!! With these credentials, Benevolent Neglect was always certain to be a true star.  As the name suggests, they work with as little intervention as possible, farming with great care, and working in the cellar with a 100% transparent policy - minimal additions and no fining or filtration on the reds. Quantities of many wines are tiny and we’re incredibly fortunate to represent the uber talented pair in the UK. There might not be any fancy reviews or quotes yet about them, but trust us, it’s only a matter of time before Benevolent Neglect and their exceptional wines are discovered.

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