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Benevolent Neglect Ribolla Gilla 2017

Rose & Orange Wines

Benevolent Neglect Ribolla Gilla 2017

Ribolla Gialla no br.png
Ribolla Gialla no br.png

Benevolent Neglect Ribolla Gilla 2017


Oak Knoll, Napa Valley

A first from the Benevolent Neglect boys - a new white from the Bengier vineyard in Oak Knoll. Ribolla Gialla is an ancient variety that originated in Greece, and is mostly found in the north eastern Italy and across the border in Slovenia, where it is known as Rebula. Little seen elsewhere, this is really rather rare.

We have to think the inimitable George Vare for this variety being brought to California.George entered the California wine industry in 1972 and worked in a number of prestigious roles, including president of Geyser Peak Winery, president of Henry Wine Group, and cofounder of Luna Vineyards. At Luna, George focused on Italian grape varieties and often travelled to Italy. He was particularly fond of the Friuli region, where he met and befriended local winemaker Josko Gravner. Gravner is a veritable winemaking icon as well as an iconoclast; collectors and wine geeks clamour after and snap up his fascinating orange wines like rare, precious jewels. One trip to Friuli, George snipped some cuttings of Ribolla Gialla from Gravner's vines and smuggled them back to Napa in a suitcase. There, he grafted them into his own vineyard in Oak Knoll in 1999. And here we have it, some 20 years on - a wine produced from vines that first arrived in Cali in a suitcase!

Benevolent Neglect’s rendition sees them utilising the skins and stems to create a skin contact number. They fermented the fruit with a “submerged cap,” to effectively steep the skins in the juice at a lower temperature. Aged without SO2 sir lie in neutral oak for 15 months with reduced topping up so as to encourage some flor development. No fining or filtration, just a little sulphur at bottling to ensure stability and longevity

Benevolent Neglect was established by two friends from the east coast, Ben Brenner and Matt Nagy. They had both formally worked at well respected wineries, with Ben working at Rutherford Wine Co, whilst Matt was producing some of California's most highly scored and finest wines at Maybach cellars. In his time at Maybach, he produced an astounding 11 100-point wines, price point starting at $400!! With these credentials, Benevolent Neglect was always certain to be a true star. As the name suggests, they work with as little intervention as possible, farming with great care, and working in the cellar with a 100% transparent policy - minimal additions and no fining or filtration on the reds. Quantities of many wines are tiny and we’re incredibly fortunate to represent the uber talented pair in the UK. There might not be any fancy reviews or quotes yet about them, but trust us, it’s only a matter of time before Benevolent Neglect and their exceptional wines are discovered..

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